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    Fri Nov 29 01:17:55 2019
    A Aigle2 started the conversation ALiVE Persistence.

    Hi. I'm currently working on a quite big mission. On this mission, enemy forces will be under ALiVE Control.

    However, I need to make it fully persistent. Here is what I need to save each time I shut down the server :

    1. OPFOR state
    2. Players infos (loadouts, position, health, etc...)
    3. Objects locations on all the map, plus their rotation, status, cargo, etc... (even if they have nothing to do with ALiVE)
    4. Scripts state. The best would be to save variables, and to relaunch scripts when I am booting on saved missions.

    From what i've seen, ALiVE persistence is able to satisfy my points 1 and 2. My question is : what must I do to make it compatible with points 3 and 4 ? Should i create external scripts ? Or else ?

    Thanks !

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    Tue May 28 12:13:14 2019
    A Aigle2 posted in Civilian Interaction.

    Same here. Noises but no interaction menu on server.

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    Thu Aug 23 15:19:43 2018
    A Aigle2 started the conversation OPCOM Infinite loop when giving orders.

    Hi all.
    I've just created a assymetrical scenario on Lythium map.

    RHS U.S occupation force vs Project OPFOR's Middle East militia.

    However, when turning Asymmetric OPCOM's debugging on, I see that it issues the 2 same orders everytime.

    "X go to reserve Obj2"
    "Y go to reserve Obj7"

    What's going on ?
    Can you help ? Thanks ?

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