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    Sun May 26 02:16:34 2019
    F frdm35 posted in Visual Outline Glitch.

    Hi team, I can confirm that this only occurs with ALiVE, in the vanilla game I can enter helicopters, switch to third person or tactical and leave the helicopter without issue.

    The "blue line" deimer is reporting is exactly what this issue looks like during the day in-game.

    I'll try a full wipe and reinstall on the server machine over the weekend and see if that corrects it.

    EDIT: I just want to clarify that I am entering a helicopter, most often a Huron, as a passenger, then switching to third-person or tactical, to reproduce this issue. I have not tried from copilot, gunner or pilot positions.

  2. Sat May 25 14:00:47 2019
    F frdm35 posted in Visual Outline Glitch.

    There is no Zeus in this mission, it's really thrown me.

  3. Sat May 25 13:36:52 2019
    F frdm35 started the conversation Visual Outline Glitch.

    Hi Team, I'm not sure what's causing this, but I've been using ALiVE for Arma 3 since 2016. I took a 6ish month break recently and dived back in. I'm big on not using too many mods and keeping things as vanilla as possible to reduce errors, I've never had any major issues with ALiVE, but these past two weeks I've had an annoying one.

    If a player in a mission I've created gets into a helicopter and switches to third person or tactical view, when they exit the helicopter there will be a persistent visual glitch. I've attached two images to show the issue. It is present night and day and will not go away. I've stripped away mods, added them back, done everything and the issue persists.

    The mission runs on a dedicated server, I'm pulling my hair out, please help. I understand this could very well be some ARMA glitch and have nothing to do with ALiVE. It looks like a band that exists around the camera. From first-person view it manifests as a weird outline crossing the sky, in tactical mode you can see it appears to be linked to the camera position.


    As a side note I want to say what a fantastic job you've done. I run a small server for myself and a friend off a spare rig I have here at home. We have a three-way war between OPF_F (1200 units) IND_F (800 units) and BLU_F (800 Units) all with full air and armored support and no horrible performance issues, even when shit is hitting the fan. I wouldn't even be playing ARMA if it wasn't for ALiVE, well done!

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