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  1. last year

    I want to try and disable an enemy OPCOM based on a trigger. Basically there are still spawned units but their command and control is gone. I have tried naming the AI Commander module and then placing a deleteVehicle opcom on a trigger, but when I set the debug on the AI commander, even after the trigger is activated the opcom is still operating. Am I doing this the right way? Any ideas?

  2. Edited last year by SpyderBlack723

    Try pausing it

    Spyder_fnc_disableOpcomByFaction = {
    	if (!isServer) exitWith {_this remoteExecCall ["Spyder_fnc_disableOpcomByFaction",2]};
    	private _faction = _this;
    		_opcom = _x;
    		private _opcomFactions = [_opcom,"factions"] call ALiVE_fnc_hashGet;
    		if (_faction in _opcomFactions) then {
    			[_opcom,"pause", true] call ALiVE_fnc_opcom;
    	} foreach OPCOM_instances;
    "OPF_F" call Spyder_fnc_disableOpcomByFaction;
  3. 9 months ago

    does this method still work?

    if so where do you define OPCOM_instances?

  4. OPCOM_instances is a global variable defined within ALiVE.


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