pass init code for CAS vehicles

  1. 3 years ago

    Hello Alive team.

    Is it possible to pass some init code to the vehicles spawned by the CAS modules ?
    Say for example I want to add some action or manipulate cargo content of the transport heli.


  2. ARJay

    13 Aug 2014 Administrator

    Hey robalo,

    We are currently working on allowing the CAS modules to be synced to vehicles placed in the editor to allow for init lines to be used on these vehicles.

  3. 11 months ago

    Sorry To Bring Up Old Thread. ARJay This Works Untill Vehicle Respawns. Is There Anyway To Fix This?

  4. What is the code you're trying to run?

  5. @marceldev89 .....You have replied to me on another thread, thank you. To be honest I do not even know what I was trying to do here. I believe I was trying to pass the init code on vehicles I place on Map synched to Support Module, Not Spawned ones. What happens is, when I place a manned Chopper synched to Support Module, have code in init for Textures, doors etc, works initially, when the chopper is shot down and respawns, it loses all init code.

  6. does it work for vehicles spawned by the module (not editor-placed). It should persist through spawn just fine, if not, then something was changed.

  7. Yes @SpyderBlack723 Works fine for vehicles spawned by the module.



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