Heads Up new TV show: Heroes of Helmand: The British Army’s Great Escape

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    Just a heads up for anybody interested (could be good material for missions)

    Heroes of Helmand Channel 4 - Tues 16th Aug 2016

    Cut-off. Surrounded. Outnumbered. Just 88 British soldiers resigned to defeat after fighting off 500 Taliban for 54 days. Then, against all the odds, a...Miracle escape of the Rorke's Drift Paras

  2. Wow nice. Hopefully there's a way to watch it in the US. If not I expect a full recreation in a mission by you Flopchop!

  3. Is it a single episode thing or will there be more? Can't really find much info about it. :(

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    It seems to me it's a single episode that tells the (untold) story of the British Army's Easy Company, when as soon as they relieve Dutch forces in the task to defend a compound in Afghanistan back in 2006, they get overwhelmed and outnumbered by Taliban and get pinned down for weeks.

    The episode has a beginning and an end so I think that's it. But damn I have so many questions. Maybe after you watch it (it was great) we can go over some stuff in the thread.

  5. Thank you!

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    Ooh! Thanks heavens, new shows have come up. I was so sad when I exhausted all the series. It was also because he stopped working with Netflix and there will be no content by him now. I have always appreciated his work.

  7. I almost axed this thread for spam lol.


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