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    Hi, i was just wondering, i just started playing with Alive, and since i mostly do SP games and alive has a hard time saving persistent Mission (will this still be an issue on 64bit?) are there any modules in particulary that causes problems for SP saving, i was thinking maybe i can at least utilize some elements from live in SP mission making. (i would like to use all of it, looked at NWR for saving tolocal DB without DBserver running, but it is not complete, and it is a bit above me to complete it :( ) the thing is i dont have a stable internet connection at home otherwise it is easy to sign up for an warroom account.. i have one but i can utilize it. anyoone ideas ? like playerstats and stuff is not that imprtant i think, but spawnPos and Opfor movments att stuff would be a good thing to be able to save... i know this has been brought up alot, trust me ive googled everything. but the answers are allways the same, so maybe someone has something new to try out _

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    Be advised, I don't have much experience in saving in SP. I've only done it a few times, mainly because I have a good internet connection and can easily just run a dedicated server on my own machine.

    So this is not scientific. This is just a guess.

    If I was you, I'd focus on smaller scale missions. I'd especially be weary of using even the default values in the Military Commander Civilian Objective, and the Military Commander Military Objective modules. My best guess is, these two modules will be the ones you'll need to focus on the most. And perhaps Military Logistics and going easy on CQB too.

    In my brief testing, Combat Support, Military IED, Virtual AI, Civilian Population/Placement and all of the other feature enhancement modules seem ok when loading a save.

    The kind of missions I make for SP are designed for short-ish sessions. ALiVE functions more as a backdrop around the objectives than it does center stage. For example, let's say you made an HVT mission or hostage rescue mission that you crafted yourself using task modules and triggers and stuff. In this situation I'd use ALiVE Required, Virtual AI, Combat Support (for transport), CQB, and I'd go very easy on the profiles I'd spawn in the mil/civ obj modules.

    Now, if you just wanted to use ALiVE only and not have to handcraft stuff, I'd say maybe give an Insurgency mission a try, but going really easy on the initial spawns. Maybe even hand place them (making sure to virtualize them) and set the Assymetric Commander's mil/civ obj modules to "objectives only" and see how it goes.

    It's hard to say what 64-bit will bring to the table, but I'd advise not to try doing a full scale full map Invasion vs Occupation commander mission where you use the default module options. I mean by all means, if you're frisky see what happens but I can't imagine it would go well when you tried to load it.

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    As a bare minimum, you could just about get away with saving only the location and state of Virtual AI, with a secondary priority being the status of captured objectives. The AI Commander will pick up on the locstat of virtual units on it's first cycle after loading and run things from there.

  4. Okey, Thanks cool. ill mess around with it some, iam thinking maybe trying to deactivate opcom and and Zones before saving or someting like that and then re virtualise upon reloading. iam not sure, ill get bakck with my results :) maybe maybe some day we will be able to use the complete alive suite offline, like make it avilable but with no support, alot of the Arma forums around has plenty of really clever people and most of them are very helpful so i dont think the alive team would have to deal with the hassles that may come with it.

  5. Friznit

    12 Jan 2017 Administrator

    It technically is already available. ALiVE isn't the issue here though, it's ArmA.


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