Straight ALiVE missions with no mods

  1. last year

    Where can I find updated missions that are not full of a dozen other dependencies?

    I have run out of energy trying to figure out why 'Operation Landlord | ALiVE' doesn't play out very well. That is the game style I am looking for. Tried remaking it but not having much luck using this "map" and the rest of the wiki( ).

    If somebody had an updated OL'ish mission that wasn't full of other mods (any of the 3 default islands preferred) to offer up it would be greatly appreciated.

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    What problems are you having with Operation Landlord?

    Anyway, I have an updated version of it. I mean, it's identical to what you downloaded but I updated the modules and I think edited a few small things. It's not on my Dropbox so I'll have to send it to you later.

    I've also been working on an insurgency on Tanoa. It's based on a template Highhead made. It still needs a little balancing work and whatnot but should be playable:

    We are discussing making some new showcases here soon that don't require mods. The ones available now are old, sadly.

    Anyway, take that link now and I'll get you Operation Landlord in the PM.

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    Hi and thanks Hero,


    Mil defence (had to edit this out of the pool because they were more like mil hangouts for 45 minutes).
    Mil assault is not much of an assault if it's a shed in the middle of nowhere is being guarded by 2 men (this is a regular occurrence).
    CSAR is a find the tent and campfire exercise with nobody to rescue. No wrecks are ever located.
    Transport missions, AI rarely if ever mounts up to be transported.
    Flagpole missions will routinely place us with a 2 man unit KILOMETERS from the intended target.
    Form up and assault missions... everyone meets at FUP and waits and waits and waits for that mission objective to complete, it doesn't so we just make the assault the active and go to that location and nothing is there to assault... except rabbits.

    The only mission type that seems to go well is eliminating HVT. Just random scrums with enemy's out and about seem to go well, too but those engagements lack the overall appeal of an objective.

    In full disclosure, is there anything that ACE might cause conflict with? I have disabled the unconscious state because that did cause issues with HVT type missions (the target is down but not dead so the mission never completes). With settings corrected, now down is dead.

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    Hmmm. I don't use the generated tasks too often myself but I hear what you're saying. I'm sure they could use a little bit of work. I went through them all awhile back and made some reports and I was under the impression they all should do just fine for the most part now but apparently not. :(

    I personally prefer to patrol and recon and leave my fighting open ended - making "missions" myself, aside from the occasional task request every once in awhile when I get bored (you can make or request a task in the tasks menu in the ALiVE menu).

    The insurgency I linked has the auto tasking turned off (but again, you can request a task at any time). It's designed for you to patrol and hit the enemy AO, blowing up insurgent HQ's, etc.

    As I said it might need some balancing (more enemies, less enemies, etc). But it's a good start. If you try it let me know if you have any suggestions (relating to balancing, mainly. But I'll take any feedback).

    If I get some time I'll go back through the auto tasks again and make some new reports on it, but sadly, if there are issues, nothing I link you will fix it.

  5. If the CSAT "Iranian Space Bugs" didn't look so incredibly god awful, I might try another vanilla mission. But alas...I can't get over how terrible they are.

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    lol I hate their look too. NATO, especially the recon Apex ones, do look pretty sharp in some of their get-ups. But CSAT universally sucks.

  7. It probably won't help you at all but Operation Landlord with updated modules:

  8. Thanks,

    Any particular reason that you think this wont help?

  9. By all means give it a go. I'd be curious to see if it fixes the C2ISTAR tasking logic for you. I have my doubts though.

    If it doesn't, you can blacklist certain tasks from appearing completely by adding a staticdata.sqf file to the mission. As seen here:

  10. Just thought I'd follow this up and let you know that at least for the last few days that your updated Operation Landlord has been working fine. After pulling yours apart, I am not really sure why my attempt at it was not a success. Probably just some obscure setting I missed.

    I moved our base of operations to the main airport and it is now under regular siege. Am I understanding that I can just make a marker surrounding the base and blacklist it to the OPFOR? They seen to specifically like to climb up in the control tower and take pot shots.

  11. Yes for sure. Place a marker anywhere you don't want enemies to spawn or be aware of. Name the marker. Then put the marker name in the enemy civ/mil obj modules in the blacklist section.

  12. 9 months ago

    @HeroesandvillainsOS We are discussing making some new showcases here soon that don't require mods. The ones available now are old, sadly.

    Any news to share on showcase missions refresher?

  13. @lawnDartLeo Any news to share on showcase missions refresher?

    From me with no additional mods? No not at the moment. Been kinda busy IRL. Got a message from a guy editing my not official Tanoa Showcase a bit (which will require Spyder Addons) that I’ll post publicly at some point once he finishes it up. I am working on an Altis one too, but nothing I was planning on submitting or releasing right now.

    Dev’ing has slowed a bit for the holidays it seems. I’m sure once the season is passed things will pick up.


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