Multiple Roles

  1. 11 months ago

    This is a curiosity question,

    I am running a campaign that has two seperate narratives at the same time on the same server, map etc.

    If I were to have squad 'Alpha 1-1'& 'Alpha 2-1' would each role/character be treated as a different entity regardless of the user?

    I.E if One person was to play a role in both Alpha 1-1 then move to Alpha 2-1 and we did a persistence save how would the loadouts and player exit function?

  2. Edited 11 months ago by SpyderBlack723

    There should be a module option either in the Data module or the Player Options module that can lock a player to a slot. Otherwise, the data should persist between slots.

    Only one way to tell for sure though :)

  3. Haha,

    Absolutely. I appreciate the time going through all of my posts over the past few days to respond.

    Great work buddy, really is appreciated!


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