More than one (3+) CS modules

  1. 11 months ago


    I was wondering if there is some experience regarding placing several Combat Support modules in one scenario?
    The reason I want to do this is because I have a feeling it could increase the joy of playing certain roles.
    For example for JTAC to be the only one to be able to request CAS, or the FO Arty player is needed to call for indirect fire support.

    For example:

    • JTAC Player (with range card) - CS module (req item: rangecard) - synced to CAS module
    • FO player (with laser des) - CS module (req item: laser des) - Synced to arty module.
    • Medic (with alivetab) - CS module (req item: alive tablet) - Synced to transport module

    ...and so on.

    -And at last giving the commander/leader/chief all required items and thus also have access to all assets.

    This way some players may be needed because of their traits as an forward arty observer for example, and the rest have to continue without arty fires (alternatly the commander can call it himself) if he's not available/dead.

    I was just going to throw it out there because I'm gonna try it later tonight or tomorrow night, and if you know it doesen't work... well... But if it doesen't - Is there any other (easy) way? It would be nice if it's possible to define names in the CS modules so spesific functions is locked to JTAC/Arty/Medic/Commanders, or even just sync modules to players.

    The wiki says only one module is needed.

    I'm sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but I couldn't find anything.

    Cheers! :D

  2. Combat Support core module was written to allow a single module instance, so this isn't possible atm.

  3. Hello, yes I noticed this. Only one of the modules (the first one placed in the editor) was working fine it seemed with the little amount of testing I did.

    Just a little brain-fart/curiosity on my end, now I know :) Thanks


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