1. 9 months ago

    No criticism here, please don't take it that way, just a curiosity about the footprint of alive. The mod does not contain assets, at least any that I am aware of aside from the tablet, yet it weighs in at 195MB which means there has to be aloooot of scripting in there. How many lines of code did it take to get ALiVE where it is, today.

  2. Tupolov

    27 Jun 2017 Administrator

    The bulk of data is related to map indexes.

    ALiVE does static analysis of each map to provide AI commanders with an in-depth insight into the map's terrain, locations etc. Each map index can be 10MB+. There's around 410MB of map data in total.

    Before packing as PBO, ALiVE source code is around 477MB. So, code wise, there's around 67MB of source code. There's some 2600+ files that make up ALiVE, no idea how many lines of code but its 5 years of coding by a team of around 4-6 developers...

  3. Edited 9 months ago by SpyderBlack723

    Some of the modules are comprised of 15-20K+ lines of code, and that is not including the external functions they call to.

    Images also take up quite a bit of space.


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