Does anyone have a good vehicle spawn script?

  1. 9 months ago

    Currently working on a pure Vanilla ALiVE mission and I realised I've got scripts for Earplugs, Mag Repacking, AI recruitment etc etc, but no decent vehicle spawner (preferably with UI)

    I know I could use the one in Spyders Addon but I'm trying to use no mods at all for this Altis War.

    I honestly thought vehicle spawners would be a dime a dozen, but I'm finding it hard to find one that still works. If anyone has one they could recommend that would be great.

  2. I've been using Spyder's, but if it still works, maybe this?

  3. Thanks I have tried that but couldn't get it to work. However I was pretty tired at the time and most likely doing something stupid so I'll give it another shot.


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