Issue with editing a mission and running on a dedicated server.

  1. 9 months ago

    Some friends and I have been playing a mission I have been developing. To this point, each edit I have made I have renamed the mission before exporting which necessitates a restart. Recently I made an edit and kept the mission name before exporting to mp. But once it was loaded none of the changes I made showed up. Anybody know what's goin on here. Do I have to change the name each time, in order to get the changes to show up?

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    It depends on what changes you made, whether you're using persistence and if so, what modules have persistence enabled and what type of persistence.

  3. One of the biggest changes I made was adding a bunch of custom objectives, plus a few placed AI here and there. I've been using the full persistence on all the modules.

  4. In that case you'll have to rename the mission because the objectives are persisted and loaded from the database on start. Placed down AI units in the editor should show up though since they aren't profiled by default.

  5. It basically boils down to renaming the mission whenever you change something that's persisted.

  6. Crap. Thank you.


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