Spawn helo on custom map

  1. 11 months ago
    Edited 11 months ago by Neodym

    I run several mission on Takistan and Lythium with ALiVE an RHS. But on both maps there is problem with spawning a helo in Hangars on Takistan and on helo pads on Lythium.
    On Takistan ALiVE spawns only helo's on Rassman airfield an on one helo pad next to Rassman Airfield. But if ALiVE place the helo in an hanager in Rassman, the helo explodes with the hangar. On Lythium it is a bit different. ALiVE place the helo next to the helopad and the helo explodes. Or sometimes ALiVE place the helo on an helopad, cycle around the helo and finaly the helo explodes.
    Is ist possibel to workaround this issue?
    Is it possible to place hidden helo pads in Eden to force ALiVE to use only Eden placed helopads ?

  2. ALiVE should pick up editor-placed helipads, however, it won't use them exclusively.


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