Cannot access Player supports

  1. 11 months ago

    Hi all,

    Experiencing an issue where I cannot see "Player Supports" in the ALiVE menu.

    I can access C2ISTAR so I have the correct item (Laser Designator).

    Here's what I've done to reach this point;
    • Started a new editor session on Stratis
    • Placed a player character (rifleman), making sure he has a laser designator so can access the supports/C2ISTAR
    • Placed the Alive (required) module
    • Placed a Player Support (Artillery) module
    • Placed a Player Support (Transport) module
    • Placed a Player support module
    • Synced the artillery and transport modules to the Player Support module
    • Placed a C2ISTAR module (just to check that's showing in the ALiVE menu correctly, which it is)
    • Run the game (both from the editor and exported to SP/MP), same occurs in all

    Some things to note:
    • The transport chopper and arty units spawn correctly
    • I can get into the chopper and "Talk to pilot", everything works fine there
    • I simply have no options show up in the ALiVE menu so I can't call the transport chopper to me or give the arty units orders for a fire mission

    I apologise if I'm missing something really obvious :)

    Thanks everyone.

  2. There's two modules. Combat support is the one you sync combat support (transport/artillery/etc) to. Player combat support is the one you place unsynced. Make sure combat support and player combat support are both placed.

  3. Friznit

    31 Jul 2017 Administrator

    You need to the relevant item in your inventory to be able to access Player Combat Support. By default this is laserdesignator, which you can find in the vanilla support crate. You don't need C2ISTAR module placed to access Cbt Spt.

  4. Hi both, managed to fix this, it was a combination of A) my own stupidity and B) ALiVE not being strict about the required object (I think)?

    Long story short, I was confusing the Laser Designator with the Laser POINTER (doh!), but what didn't help was the fact that I was able to access C2ISTAR, despite not having the required item on me. C2ISTAR was set to the default of requiring the laser designator, although I was able to access and use it regardless?

    Thanks both :)


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