French Forces suitable for ALiVE?

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    I am looking for some French Armed Forces that work with ALiVE. I was working with R3F, but they aren't compatible with ALiVE. Would a custom faction using the R3F mods work with ALiVE? And by custom faction I mean making one through the group editor/faction editor. Helpful hints are appreciated. Thanks,

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    Are you sure R3F isn't compatible? I'd be surprised you couldn't get them working with ORBAT if not. I think Operation Frenchpoint might be coming soon-ish so maybe they'll work out of the box (I'm assuming that will have factions but not totally sure TBH).

  3. I will try again using the different units for R3F.

  4. @HeroesandvillainsOS Got some feedback from Operation french point, and I expect parts of the mod to be released this month or next month as well into 2018.

    @AUTigerGrad Do you know how long it takes to create a functional french army faction using the ORBAT? I want to use R3F, but make it more modern using the hk416s and etc.

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    @Inspire1 If all you are doing is creating the groups (not editing equipment, etc)..... 20-30 min max.

    If you are editing the individual units...probably 1-2 hours.

  6. @AUTigerGrad I was looking to just edit the weapons on all of them was about it..

  7. @AUTigerGrad @HeroesandvillainsOS Question, when a AI pilot drops a bomb onto a village full of civilians, will that effect the hostility in the area, or does it need to be a player that kills the civilians?

  8. Yes it affects their hostility towards you.


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