Logistics crates

  1. 11 months ago

    The logistics side of things is something I've never really played with in any detail until now. In our latest Malden escapade I've given the players a couple of different defensive objects they can request along with a prowler all to be airdropped and it works pretty well for the most part.

    The question is, if I wanted to start a mission with a prepackaged crate as if it has just been dropped off and was ready to unload how would I go about that?
    Basically I want the players to start with a crate, load it into a truck and then drive to a location and build their FOB. I know I can do this with R3F logistics, but I really only want them to have access to a handful of objects and it just seems nice if they could use the ALiVE system they've just gotten used to.

    Is there a fairly simple way to code a crate like that ?

  2. You'll have to createVehicle a crate and add stuff to it with addBackpackCargo, addItemCargo, addMagazineCargo and addWeaponCargo (or the global variants for them e.g. addWeaponCargoGlobal).

  3. Does that work for bunkers etc though?
    I'm trying to create a crate so they can unload it and build an FOB like you can with supply drops

  4. Ah I see what you want to do. :)

    private _payload = [
    private _container = createVehicle ["some_container_class", _position, [], 0, "NONE"];
    clearItemCargoGlobal _container;
    clearMagazineCargoGlobal _container;
    clearWeaponCargoGlobal _container;
    [ALiVE_SYS_LOGISTICS, "fillContainer", [_container, _payload]] call ALiVE_fnc_Logistics;
  5. Yessss thank you, that's exactly what I needed.
    Appreciate the help


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