a few questions about synced air / cust.obj spawns

  1. 11 months ago


    I've been working with the Alive modules for a few weeks now and really love the mod. A few things came up yesterday that I had to ask about.

    I managed to add some ambient helicopters to my mission by syncing them to the Virtual AI Module, but i'm a bit uncertain if i'm doing it right. Does OPCOM also use them as units for replacements in the logistics module, or does it use them only as a single unit spawn through the ambient air parameter? I've had a few cool air battles at the start of the mission between choppers, but i haven't seen them respawn later.

    Also, the map I'm using is at the moment is Thirsk, which doesn't seem to work very well with mil/civ-objectives, so i need to use custom objectives. The units seem to spawn ok, but i noticed something odd in debug: The INDFOR markers spawn in the right bottom corner of the map. To clarify, it's only the markers, not units spawning, as shown in the picture. They start slowly moving towards the actual combat zone of the map:

    So far it hasn't really caused any big problems, such as weird unit spawns, but it seems that the virtualized AI engage each other at odd places due to this.

    This problem doesn't seem to occur with BLUFOR, who spawn normally near the objectives, just INDFOR.

    I'm wondering if this is due to some parameter in a custom objective? Could it be the map causing the issue? Is it possible to determine the size and radius of the (virtual) AI spawns somehow, when using custom objectives?

  2. Groups spawning at [0,0] on the map (bottom left corner) usually mean a problem somewhere... can you post your RPT file from one of these tests for us to look at? Post it to pastebin.com or similar and link back here.



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