Weird issue with AI just standing around

  1. 11 months ago
    Edited 11 months ago by Opendome

    Hey everyone!

    Im having a weird issue with AI either just standing there, spawned into each other (like 4 or 5 guys spawning in the exact same spot) and just standing there while they get shot or just standing there while getting shot? I was using VCOM but I turned it off for testing but its still happening? Also it seems like they can fire without having their weapon raised? Im using RHS and some custom faction mods I just made with ORBATRON?

  2. Heres the Autogen

  3. It seems to work fine when hosting the mission locally on my PC for testing but as soon as its on the server it seems to happen?

  4. Can you post up your modlist with links to your faction mods and your mission file?

    I wouldn't mind loading it all up on my box and taking a look to see what I can cipher out for you.


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