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    Sat Oct 14 06:54:19 2017
    O Opendome started the conversation Fellow Linux Server Owners!.


    I was just wondering how/what you use to save persistence/restart servers? So far Ive been doing it all manually but Im sure theres a better way lol

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    Wed Oct 11 21:08:57 2017
    O Opendome posted in Having Server Lag.

    Also I just noticed my HCs rpt say


    which I think is just it checking if theres an index in the mission file itself and loads the index from the mod but just wanted to make sure lol

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    Sat Oct 7 05:22:54 2017
    O Opendome posted in Having Server Lag.

    Thanks thats a great suggestion! Ill definitely give that a try, right now I dont have any play er controlled aircraft but I do have AI combat support transports. I guess the biggest problem I have is that I get AI just running in place that cant be killed or anything,

  4. Thu Oct 5 18:46:26 2017
    O Opendome posted in Isla Duala.

    Thanks! Is it this one?


  5. Thu Oct 5 16:46:30 2017
    O Opendome posted in Isla Duala.

    Yea thats what I was thinking too, its been awhile since Duala got updated. Do you know where I can find my persistence logs?


  6. Thu Oct 5 16:45:31 2017
    O Opendome posted in Having Server Lag.

    Sorry for so many questions haha. So in that case using

    900 call ALiVE_fnc_AutoSave_PNS

    would save it to the cloud?

    I wonder if its RHS causing my issues. Im having issues with a few things, there are times where we'll be on a hill for say 15 minutes or so and FPS is still ok (40-60) and then all of a sudden enemy units/tanks will spawn in right on top of us. It doesnt happen all the time but happens occasionally. Also there are times where all clients who are playing drop to 10-20 FPS after awhile, after closing/reopening arma being in the exact same place right after frames go up to 50-60. Also I think it may be an ORBATRON issue but factions ive made sometimes only spawn in with a uniform (missing vest/helmet) some elements of the original import (such as vanilla clothing) etc.

    Does anyone know of any better optimized alternatives to RHS?

  7. Thu Oct 5 05:09:19 2017
    O Opendome started the conversation Isla Duala.

    I noticed that there are units which spawn at 0,0 and completely off the map. Does this indicate that it needs to be reindexed? Also I tried testing persistence and the mission time saved but a building I destroyed was no longer destroyed when I reloaded the mission. I have @aliveserver running on my linux server and logged in as admin, used server save and exit, waited for it to complete, then relaunched the server.

  8. Thu Oct 5 05:06:39 2017

    Hmmm I think I might have a similar problem, I logged in as admin and used server exit and waited until it finished saving everything. I then relaunched the server and the building I destroyed was no longer destroyed upon loading?

  9. Wed Oct 4 19:41:00 2017
    O Opendome posted in Having Server Lag.

    also does anyone see anything unusual in my rpt? Im really stuck and I dont see anything that stands out

  10. Wed Oct 4 18:55:55 2017
    O Opendome posted in Having Server Lag.

    Ahhh awesome thanks! I always thought mission persistence was saved to the cloud? In ALiVE data I have database source set to the cloud. So objectives, unit location, virtual layer, logistics, etc has always been saved locally?

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