Problems with MACC

  1. 11 months ago

    I set up a mission on Tanoa with 2 AI commanders, 2 MACCs and 2 separate Airspace markers and i place some empty aircraft for the maccs to use but i either get "No aircraft available" or the MACC sends a CAS mission to 000000, even though it's outside the Airspace marker, what am i doing wrong? I'm using RHS Vehicles and factions

  2. Tupolov

    23 Sep 2017 Administrator

    Put the module into debug mode, run the mission and take a look at the RPT. Post a link to it here.

    Could be a couple of things:

    1. RHS aircraft are not being picked up as Fighter/Bomber etc.
    2. RHS aircraft faction are not being managed by OPCOM/MACC
    3. CAS mission is not getting legitimate targets.
  3. Here's the RPT:

    I'm using mi 24 helicopters from the VDV faction and i have VDV added in the AI Commander module and the MACC, does it need planes for CAP missions?

  4. I added the VVS faction to the macc and AI commander and put down 2 su-25's and that made it work so i guess it needed an airplane then, the only problem i have now is soldiers patrolling on the runway and taxiway, is there anyway to blacklist areas for waypoints?

  5. When I don't want friendly AI groups getting in the way in my main bases, I usually add a blacklist marker over the base. If it's a large base, and want AI to be somewhere in it, but not in the way in a particular spot, I'll add a cust obj module somewhere out of the way over my base set to spawn a couple groups.

  6. Tupolov

    25 Sep 2017 Administrator

    CAP/DCA requires planes with AAM.
    Recon requires something with a camera/laser.
    CAS/Strike/OCA requires guns/rockets/missiles.


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