Questions about the MACC

  1. last year

    Have been tinkering around with the MACC.

    Does the field for air space relate to a specific named space on the map such as AO or BLUFOR?

    And does the map for Duala have an issue with spawning? I've seen two helo's spawn out over the water and crash into each other. Am going to try it with Tanoa to check.

    Does the MACC recognize existing airfields and runways?

  2. I am having issues with it not spawning aircraft on Beketov also.

  3. Friznit

    27 Oct 2017 Administrator

    You need to place a named air space marker and it needs to cover at least one airfield. Either Mil Placement or MACC will spawn aircraft at existing airfields. Alternatively, you can place empty aircraft manually.


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