Deveolpment Version

  1. last year

    How do you make this , when you have downloaded the ZIP into a version that works.
    There seems to be more in this version and in all different folders. Do I need to create another @Alive folder and copy which files into it?


  2. Friznit

    28 Oct 2017 Administrator

    You need to set up a dev environment and create a build

    If you're not confident how to do that, you can use the latest pre-release builds

  3. Thanks
    Pre Release build for me I think.. lol

  4. ...OOh IED updates


  5. [MIL_CQB] Fix CQB sometimes did not choose the correct faction if several CQB modules where in place

    So you can have more than one module in place?

  6. Friznit

    28 Oct 2017 Administrator

    As it says in the wiki, yes :)


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