Using 'Other Factions...slightly confused!

  1. last year

    I loaded ORBAT creator to get the faction names.

    Example (BLUE)


    Example (RED)


    I'll use Blue Mil Placement(MIL.OBJ)

    I set the following:

    Force Faction: BLU_F

    and used CUP_B_GB to 'override the Infantry etc etc

    Same process for the RED (OPF_F), but used

    Force Faction : OPF_F

    then used a combination of the units listed above

    Go into game and get

    TACOM: no Groups availible

    Use ZUES and there are no spawned BLUE or RED units down the left side

    Remove the 'other units' , just have the force faction correctly filled out and all is fine

    What have I missed, yet again!!

    Many thanks

  2. Guys,

    The above is wrong.....I think I have got it sorted...hopefully

    Sorry about that

  3. ..Hmm nope, still cannot get other factions to spawn....drat!

  4. Well, no luck at all, so going to need some points on how to get this to work

    Thanks, once again

  5. It’s almost impossible to know what the problem is with the information given. I have a ton of missions on Steam so I think just open one of those to see an example of module usage.

    Here’s one that use 3CB:

    PBO is linked on the page.

  6. Thanks

    Got the PBO, how do I open it in the editor?

  7. I use this tool, super easy to use:

  8. OK, got it, Opened Insurgency /Alive from SpyderBlack, yours for some reason would not open.

    AI MIL commander : Rebel RED
    Mil Placement : OPF_G_F
    CIV Placement : OPF_G_F

    that's fine, but what I'm struggling with is how do I get any of these:

    to spawn and only them, I do not know where to place the faction name.

    So if I want ISC_IS_I as the 'red team' where do I place 'ISC_IS_I' so that only they appear in the game on the red team.

    Another example might be I want ISC AND Tban to appear and only them, where do I place their faction name

    Hope that is clearer

    Many Thanks

  9. Edited last year by HeroesandvillainsOS

    There’s no reason mine won’t open. I do it all the time with that very tool. Anyway...

    My best guess is you’re putting multiple factions in the objective modules and it is not allowed. The commander supports multiple factions of the SAME SIDE
    (separated by a comma with no spaces...example BLU_F,BLU_T_F), but each objective module can only have one faction.

  10. Right, understand that now, so using my examples above how do you know they are of the same side.

  11. Using CUP_O_Tban as an example. I place this in the Mil and CIV placement modules, now what faction do I 'activate' in the AI commander module?

  12. OK I think I have got it...phew

    Using Factions as numbers, its easier


    AI commander has Factions 1,2 and 3 as overrides

    In each placement module you can use either 1 OR 2 OR 3
    and that will spawn.

    Now, if you use faction 4 in the placement module, then that will not spawn; you have then to place faction 4 in the AI commander override.

    Hopefully that is correct.

    Also if one of the factions is not on the correct side AND you use it in the placement module, then that will also not spawn.

    Next question then!!

    If the AI commander has factions 1, 2, and 3 then will it 'randomly' select for these factions for missions and patrols



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