Player Combat Support

  1. last year

    Moved onto these modules now :-)

    OK,CAS (Eagle One) and Transport (Rodeo Two). I've placed both modules and linked them to Player Combat Support.

    When I use Zeus to look at them there are both in the sea and both crews are swimming

    So, how do you stop this happening, and where should they start

    Once again Thanks

  2. Friznit

    1 Nov 2017 Administrator

    It's all on the wiki :)

  3. Put the CAS and Transport modules exactly where you want the choppers to spawn. If you place the modules in the sea, the choppers will spawn in the sea. If you place the modules on helipads, the choppers will spawn on the helipads.

  4. Guys, thanks. 'On the Wiki', yep needs yet more reading


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