No civilians or IEDs on Taviana

  1. last year

    HELLO! How are you?

    So small problem. Trying to set up a mission on taviana and no civilians or IEDs spawned. I had plenty of bad guys (more dense bad guys would be nice but one thing at a time) but the civilians only spawned on the SW tip of the map and no IEDs spawned. If someone knows why this is happening I would love to hear it. For now I'm going to look at other maps but Taviana adds such an atmosphere I would hate to lose out on.

  2. Civilians will only spawn if the map has been indexed properly and only then if the map has enterable civilian buildings (a lot of super old maps don’t).

    Can’t say I’ve heard of the map. Can you provide a link?

  3. here is a link to the download.

  4. Hmm ok I looked into this a bit. Are any versions of the Taviana map allowed in Arma 3? Seems like the original map author forbids it, but maybe I’m missing something here?

  5. Nothing that I'm aware of. I only really follow this and a couple other mods closely. If I have to I can just index the map myself but that sounds like work and I'm quite lazy.

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    Well you’d know the map better than me. If most of the buildings aren’t enterable and civilian based (think a house), than that explains the lack of civs also reindexing it can’t fix that.


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