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    One of the problems that drives me crazy is some suicidal tasks

    Sometimes a task is generated to place friendly troops inside an enemy main HQ filled with vehicles, infantry, jets, helicopters etc. (lol)

    Is it possible to add an exclusion zone to prevent tasks such as "insertion of troops", "hostage rescue" from creating insertion points on the enemy main base? I searched around but did not find anything very clear.

    Another doubts ( and suggestions ) is in relation to the air commander. How does it generate tasks for the player pilot? I enabled the option but it did not generate me tasks and I waited for more than 30 min! I know it is still a feature in progress but does it need the C2STAR auto task enabled also to work?

    And another thing: When air commander creates the tasks are they tasks that are based on the real need on the battlefield or are "fantasies" created in a random position for the player to simply complete? I say this because I have seen infantry several times in the distance from the squadron needing help with CAS and I was thinking "Well, I would love to be able to help them with CAS if I was a pilot".

    Here is my suggestion:

    Look at the possibility of generating air tasks only for players with a pilot role or with appropriate vest. That would be super cool!

    I know that not everything is possible but it's only an idea!

    Thanks for this amazing mod!

  2. Friznit

    11 Nov 2017 Administrator
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    Not sure about the exclusion zone around enemy HQ - fairly certain it's not meant to do that but will have Tup look into it.

    You need C2ISTAR autotasks turned on (and in the next release, set to Strategic) for player Air Tasking Orders.

    'Secondary' Air Tasking Orders are generated from actual battlefield events based on support requests from the AI Ground Commander and include CAS, Strike, Recce and OCA. MACC assigns ATOs to AI pilots first then to players if no AI is available.

    We have just started implementing the same integrated tasking system for the AI Ground Commander as well, so in future you will have the option to choose Strategic tasks based on battlefield events or "Tactical Tasks" based on pre-made mini scenarios.

  3. Thank you Friznit! I have already downloaded the latest version of Alive and I am experiencing the strategic tasks. I saw right in front a jet BLUFOR drop and then the OPCOM giving me the task of saving the pilot, felt in a complete immersion, is what was missing in the Alive! You developers are awesome!

    But sometimes some bugs occur such as where a rescue mission where OPCOM has generated two more duplicate tasks in very close areas. Another bug was in relation to AI joining me when I save it or transport it. Simply the interaction does not happen and they stand idly by doing nothing. I hope this serves as feedback as well.


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