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  1. last year

    Hi folks, been in Arma3 Hiatus and noticed some changes, looking to come up to speed on ALiVE.

    Question...I see an option for 'local database', but nothing on how to set it up, or if even you do. Could someone just outline the changes around persistence in the last 12-18 months, please?

    Also, Asymetric warfare. Seems designed to be as an opfor, since I get tasks to destroy caches my side made and they appear as red and i get options to destroy a recruitment centre on my own side.. Is this by design or can the game be played as supporting the Insurgents? It might have been in the setup.

    Good work on the Orbat thing, getting factions to work with Alive can be troublesome. It doesn't seem easy, but has to be better than getting another mod to cover something silly like a blue based opfor or some other silly limitation. The video was farily quick and needed a little explanation extra.

    Nice to see ALiVE is...still kicking :)

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    Just set up the mission like you would with persistence set to yes in every module that you want to save, with Data and Player Options modules placed and set to save, and using the “server save and exit” option in-game with saving set to local will save your progress locally on your own PC. No dedicated server or War Room account are required for this option.

    Currently Asymmetric is really only designed with the Asymmetric Commander as the enemy.

  3. Thanks for the clarification on Asymmetric and for the response :). If anyone ever thinks it's a good idea for a bluefor integration for it, consider this a wishlist item :)

    I'm using a dedicated server in autoinit mode, so its on without anyone there and starts automatically. The Server "Save and exit" button - Last time I pressed it, didn't exit, is it designed to work in dedicated persistent mode? Or is it only going to work if it actually exits the mission? Presume logged in as admin too. I saw someone had added some code to run saving from a script for server (not player), has anyone designed a scheduler for this or do we think saving server mission progress is not a good design to be automated?

    Thank you for your response :)

  4. Yes it works in a dedicated environment but you need to register your server to ALiVE’s War Room (there are steps on the War Room Page) and make sure persistence is enabled in the modules that offer it (and that you have the data module placed set to cloud saving).


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