Respawning as side members with ALiVE

  1. last year

    Tl;dr Is it possible to switch to ALiVE spawned units on death?

    One thing I’ve been messing with when making simple missions for me and my brother to play is foregoing respawns, which can be tedious and break immersion, and instead using the function of switching to a side or group member.

    There’s apparently a function, makeplayable or something (I’m shit with scripting and apparently one of them is deprecated? Not sure) that opens up units to being playable and thus able to switch to on death.

    Is there any mechanism for using this command with every unit spawned in by ALiVE, or would his have to be implemented on the mod side?

    As always, thanks.

  2. Friznit

    13 Nov 2017 Administrator

    If it's actually script that needs to run on units when they spawn then you could take the same approach as the kit scripts on the ALiVE wiki


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