Headless clients and Virtuality

  1. last year

    Hi, i'm considering a HC since i have dedicated FPS around 20-25 in a particular, heavy mission. My question is, if my ALiVE setup virtualises quite aggressively, does this diminish the benefit of HC since it's only controlling AI (well this is my assumption), BUT BUT BUT, if I don't virtualise as aggressively, does this not pour the AI control to the HC AND reduce the Virtual AI giving a net gain? Does that make sense?

    So add HC, increase AI virtualised bubble, slightly better as servers net change is a loss in managing virtual ai?

    OR, is the virtual AI nothing to worry about?

    I have another question on the in Eden editor virtualisation, does it clash with ALiVE virtualisation and what happens by runnign both of them?

  2. Friznit

    14 Nov 2017 Administrator

    HC will only deliver benefit for spawned AI. Effectively adding HC will enable you spawn more AI (or put it another way, the same amount as before but with less impact on server FPS). It's a good thing either way. Try it and see.

    You can theoretically use Eden's simulation manager at the same time but it's largely pointless. Simulation manager won't do anything to ALiVE Virtual Profiles, and if spawn range == enable simulation range then it'll add no benefit at all. You could set a very large ALiVE Spawn Range so you can see the AI at a long distance but have them disabled by sim manager to save on performance until players are a little closer. I've only rarely used that technique in big coop missions when I need players to see the enemy at a distance and server FPS is at a premium.

  3. Hc doubled my server perf fps. Im nearly capped on a 2300m virtual bubble. Howevr i parked it on my cores 3 and 4 of my client so i didnt get too much client perf benefit. But 25fps is good given theres a tonne of things going on.

    Ive got a full alive experience on a modded game. Warroom and local db much better performance than a year ago. Im quite blown away by what you guys have achieved. All works. Pretty amazing tech. Gj team!


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