Rearm MACC aircraft

  1. last year

    Perhaps I just have things set up wrong, but I'm having some trouble with MACC and RHS aircraft. I have the module set up with the faction rhs_faction_usaf, with manually placed aircraft synced to virtual AI, as the MACC won't seem to spawn RHS aircraft on its own. The planes are tasked appropriately, however after a few sorties when the aircraft are winchester, I get the no aircraft available error. Is there a way to have the AI rearm the aircraft? Is this something that would be happening already if using vanilla assets?


  2. Go to the ALiVE Github and under releases you’ll see a pre-release, so grab the newest which will have rearming for MACC. I haven’t personally verified it works yet, so I can’t say it will work with your RHS mission, but I did set a mission up with it and an option is in the module.


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