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    Hey guys,
    my Unit and I work on our first persistent ALiVE Campaign atm. Basically, it is an Asymmetric Island retake. So we have a small "HQ" from the beginning while the Enemy is supposed to be on the complete map. The idea is that we take town after town until the Enemy is no more.

    Now I have several questions and I was not sure if I should spam multiple threads in this forum so I just create this one thread!
    Here are the Questions: (unsorted)

    1. Right now we have a little problem with the IED system. As a little Background: the IED module is synced to the Enemy OPCOM and we use ACE IEDs. They spawn fine and the enemy seems very eager to keep us on our toes. But we still have some problems with it:

    i) From how I understand it, the IEDs are supposed to be hidden in random objects (those defined in the module under "Clutter Object Class") but our IEDs are ALWAYs the same ACE IEDs. Is that right? Do I understand anything wrong?
    This kinda takes away the fear of the clutter objects.

    ii) VBIEDS always blow up. We are not able to get close to them and disable them in any way. If we enter an area around 3m around the vehicle (even while prone) the IED goes off. Is that "intended"?

    iii) The VBIED blow up very....unimmersive. There is a loud sound (like a Zeus Thunderbolt) and the vehicle disappears. Beside that it bearly does any damage, at least not to vehicles. Also the explosion radius is very slow (meaning the radius where people get damaged.

    iv) I have not yet had any Suicide bomber. Does it take a lot of time until they are recruited or what could be the problem here?
    That's it for IEDs...

    2. Something small, everyone with access to the Commander Options gets orders spammed in chat. Is there a way to turn that off?

    3. The friendly OPCOM is set to only use a few units. The reason is, at one point the AI Commander was pushing so hard, that it took half the island without us doing anything (friendly forces is supposed to be a small PMC). However, it still parachutes in massive amounts of units at some point. What could that be?
    At some point, we had about 10-15 Groups around our HQ. That wouldn't be a problem if the AI commander would use these units to occupy the just taken town, but he doesn't. The town was silent, free of enemies for about an hour but all these groups were sitting in our HQ doing nothing.
    In general, I would like to have the Reinforcement just spawn instead of Parachute in, because it doesn't really make sense with our PMC, is there any way?

    4. Also, when is a town considered Occupied?

    5. I have set Auto-Tasking to "Strategic". Also in my staticData.sqf I've configured this:

    ALIVE_autoGeneratedTasks = ["CivAssault","Assassination","DestroyVehicles","DestroyInfantry","InsurgencyPatrol","InsurgencyDestroyAssets","Rescue","CaptureObjective"];

    But we don't get any Task. What could be the problem?
    (And obviously I call it in my init.sqf
    call compile preprocessFile "staticData.sqf";)

    I think thats it so far. If I remember something else I will just drop it in this Thread. I'm sorry for that wall of text but we really enjoy that style of mission (just had a really nice evening yesterday) and I want to make it just perfect.

    If you need any more information, just ask me here.
    I hope you guys (and girls?) can help me out.

    Many Greetings

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    One more thing I remember:
    6. Is there a way to have the AI Commander be purely defensive? Meaning that he only takes care of Holding/Occupying Objectives and not attack any?

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    And another one:
    7. I want to add a killed evenhandler via function to all units on the map. This works fine for editor placed units but not for ALiVE Spawned ones. How can I do that? Thats how mine looks right now:

    {_x addeventhandler ["Killed",{
      _this spawn {
        _unit = _this select 0;
        _unit addAction ["Hide Body",{
          removeAllactions (_this select 0);
          hideBody (_this select 0);
    } forEach allUnits - allplayers;
  4. Some quick answers, to some of your questions:

    • 7 - Use Extended_Init_Eventhandler to attach the EH when the unit spawns.
    • 6 - Make sure to only assign objectives close the "home" and set it/him to occupation only.
    • 5 - Add something like waitUntil {!isNil "ALiVE_STATIC_DATA_LOADED" && {ALiVE_STATIC_DATA_LOADED}}; to make sure your specific data isn't overwritten.

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