Civilian population low

  1. last year

    Hi, Civ Pop work, however there could be a tweak on balancing I think for Asymmetric settings.

    Reasoning: The civilian population are essentially decorations for any conventional combat, they shouldn't be walking around and if they are, not many. So in all cases but for Asymmetric they work. However, in an Asymmetric game we are talking Counter insurgency and Civilian pop is way more important. Now if you set the opfor to the lowest level of 25% readiness, light infantry and platoon strength, you still get something like 3 groups for one arma sized town whereas you are lucky to get 5 civvies even if you set it on extreme everything. And that doesn't really work for the scenarios Asymmetric is trying to create I think. There should be a way of making the civ population the main event and the insurgents a fraction of them, not 3x's as many insurgents for the actual population. Hope that makes sense.
    Having said that I've sone all my testing on Malden and Lythium and i know Lythium was previously bad. But with debugging on it shows the index results of the civvies and its very densely indexed, so I can't see that it is the maps.

  2. Something else. If I put Zeus camera in a populated area you get a lot more civs spawn, then a second or so later most of them are deleted again. It doesn't make sense.

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    Civs will only spawn if the index has civ spawning defined for specific building classes and that means the map has to have enterable buildings defined as civilian within the index. Some maps have more of these than others. Malden is probably on the low side (I’m assuming, never played on it myself). Lythium may actually be a kind of a issue with the map. It spawns civs just not as many as you’d expect.

    Zeus camera acts as a player unit. So civs will spawn around the player as defined within the civ pop and placement modules. Then despawn as you move out of the spawn radius and spawn new ones in the new radius.

    I haven’t explicitly tested or looked at this with Zeus versus a physical player and any spawning difference but for all intents and purposes it should act the same.

  4. So the civs spawn when placing zeus, like units do, but after a few seconds half of them delete. That's weird. Although there's SPyders addons in play here as well.


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