Surprise Spawning

  1. last year

    Gents, Ladies,

    My mate and I have a stock mission we usually play. The enemy is an ALiVE custom faction and we use ASR-AI3 and RYD Incognito.

    My question is, is it possible for the enemy to suddenly spawn inside say 1,000m of you? We usually operate a Drone overwatch, but recently it seems like the enemy has surprised us, and closed on our area very rapidly. I had assumed that all the enemy likely to spawn would do so at the limit of view/spawn and not just appear very close in.

    I may be wrong, and this may be due to bad drills on our part.


  2. Edited last year by HeroesandvillainsOS

    They shouldn’t be just spawning in out of nowhere unless you’ve drastically lowered the Virtual AI spawn distance, the Virtual AI number of group spawns (default 144 groups), both of which are not advisable, or are having severe server lag.

    The drone acts as a player entirely so groups will spawn around it based on these parameters just as it will a player.

  3. Heroes - Thanks. May just be slack drills on our part. - and I'm not sure we understand really what attracts their attention with ASR-AI3 and the incognito script running. Even HALO'ing in from 2km out and 1000m altitude seems to bring them out of the wood work.


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