Problems with the newest Arma 3 update?

  1. last year

    Since the Arma 3 update has anyone else had issues with players getting kicked out on loading into the mission? I am getting several reports of this in test missions and want to verify this.

    I am also seeing in our RPT a constant error with undefined position regarding Air components and all sorts of other stuff.

    RPT showing broken modules for ALiVE

  2. Friznit

    2 Dec 2017 Administrator

    That's one module - MACC is erroring likely because it cannot find any assets in the airspace. Make sure you have some usable combat planes in the airspace area at spawn.

    Everything else appears to be working fine.

  3. As I mentioned here ; it was working on Wednesday pre-TacOps update. Nothing changed in my mission file as it was not touched from then until today. The MACC dropped in a Chinese JH-7A in that was flying but I noticed that one of the crew members was always spawning on the ground but linked to the jet while it was flying around.


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