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  1. last year

    Hi, I'm about to rewrite an opfor faction with Orbatron and I would like to know the prefered method. I'm only changing the group makeups from a CUP faction. My prefered method would be no PBO's and use description.ext but the guides seem to push towards PBO's.

    1. Where is this autogen.hpp that is mentioned, I searched Github and no results found.
    2. Why is it needed? Can i not paste the orbatron results in the contents to any file and #include it from description.ext?

    I didn't see the last part on the videos, but other than that I found the videos were useful, thank you.


  2. Friznit

    4 Dec 2017 Administrator

    If you only intend to use the faction for one specific mission, description.ext (or an include) is fine. Autogen and pbo is only required if you want to run it as an addon.

  3. Ok thanks, so the advantage of pbo is distribution and safety in it's dependency... i think.

  4. Friznit

    4 Dec 2017 Administrator

    Mostly distribution

  5. AH I found it and the crucial link was

    Seems a shame ALiVE is a dependency, I wonder why that is.

  6. Friznit

    6 Dec 2017 Administrator
    Edited last year by Friznit

    It isn't. You only need ALiVE to use the Orbat tool. Once you've create it you no longer need ALiVE to use the faction you've created. Details are in the FAQ here

  7. Wow, I must have read that drunk or ill, i'm so sorry.


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