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    I'm trying to make a asymetric mission in a large city (fallujah map) and i'd like to have a lot of civilians walking around the streets.

    I set the placement level to extreme and lower the spawn radius to 600 (I guess this will keep the actually spawned population denser around the players.)

    Changed the active limiter to 200 (A tad much) for testing purposes.

    I drive into the city and check "civilian countSide allUnits;" in the debug menu to make sure there is 200 civilians spawned, which there is. However I can't really see more than a few, I guess (again) that they are mostly hiding in buildings, is there any way to get them moving more often? or maybe I just need to wait i bit?

    Anyway, so far everything seems to be working fine. But if I speed up and drive through the city the fps starts dropping to unplayable levels. and when i check how many civs are spawned using the above command it is closer to 300.

    have I misunderstood the purpose of the "active limiter" option? or do I need to do something else as well?

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    Civilians spawn based on the map index, which will only allow civilians to spawn in/near enterable buildings, which Fallujah I believe has very little. Really not much you can do about that other than play on a different map if you’re itching to play an insurgency.

  3. I think the civilians spawn fine, just that I had issues finding them. when debugging the civ-modules the entire city gets covered by green dots so that should not be an issue.

    what I was trying to get at is that they don't seem to despawn if I move away from them, which I thought would happen if I hit the "active limiter" number and move out of the spawn radius. but maybe I missed the purpose of that function competely.

    Also, another question. would the cqb module work with civilians. as in can players interact with them and do they count towards "insurgency-shenannigans"? I'm guessing not, but thought I'd ask.

  4. Ah I see. Yeah in theory the Active Limiter works exactly as you described, but I’ll admit, some maps don’t seem to produce enough civs for me either, no matter what debug wants me to believe. I suppose you could Zeus round and see where the civs are while you’re testing though.

    You can use CQB to spawn civs, but I don’t believe they’ll inherit the Asymmetric behavior when spawned that way.

  5. so is there a bug with the active limiter if I go over the limit with more then 100 civs like here? or does it work on a timer and only remove the overflow at specific intervals?


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