Complete index of Isla Abramia v3.9

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    This is my first index. Please forgive me for any shortcomings.
    Isla Abramia V3.9

    Testing seemed to go well (I think?). Heroesandvillans, please contact me via steam if you need me to do anything.

    I intend on indexing all of Icebreakrs maps if I have done Isla Abramia correctly.

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    Thanks. Considering it’s your first time we’ll probably want someone to give it the once over and give it a test run. It’s a bit slow so I can probably do it, but let me ping someone to see if they have the map DL’d (I don’t) and see if anyone in developement wants to check it out before commiting into the next release.

    Also thanks for offering to do his other maps. We can definitely use some additional help with indexing so thanks again for offering to do it.

  3. Hey man if I can get the process down, I am more than happy to pitch in where I can. I literally spend 6-10 hours a day in ARMA3 for streaming lol, so I might as well contribute to the community. Like I said, I'm a big fan of his maps, so I might as well keep them updated for ALiVE because ALiVE is a huge part of the mission development that my partner and I use on all of our setups.

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    Hey so, the index didn’t go well. Apparently it didn’t write most of the data to the file, and honestly it’s hard to say why. I think if you have some time (and if I have some too) we should do the whole live stream and Steam chat thingy.

    Please keep in mind I’m a baselevel contributor (not a coder). So I may not be able to pinpoint the cause but I also don’t think we’d be wasting any time either, I’m assuming the issue will be simple to spot (finger’s crossed).

    Would maybe Sunday evening around 7:30 PM EST work for you (I’m not 100% saying that time will work, but we’ll touch base).

    EDIT: We may be able to meet up sooner actually. PM me on Steam any evening my time if you’re around and have a bit to chat.


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