Headless Clients disabling Player Support artillery/transport

  1. 5 years ago

    I've been trying to add Headless Clients to the server in order to take the load off a little bit more, as FPS gets a bit hairy in heavily populated areas.

    What we've noticed is that just adding in the vanilla HC and modules causes the player support artillery to report that it's firing, but it never does. Same with transports which just don't seem to work.

    Is there a way to blacklist all friendly units from a HC? I've tried adding in Werthles's HC, and figure that it might work, but if I sync his HC Blacklist directly to the player support modules will that blacklist the units they then spawn from the HC?

    If I want to blacklist my friendly military commander, can I sync the headless blacklist module to the friendly military commander?

    IF I want to blacklist the support artillery, can I sync the headless blacklist module to the support artillery module, or do I need to manually place artillery units and sync them then to both the HC blacklist module and the support artillery module?

    Thanks for your help! I'd love to chat with someone other than through the forums as I think I have about a dozen silly questions which would be more easily answerable via a quick conversation.

    Thanks all!!

  2. All CS assets are already exempted from switching locality, so everything should work just fine as long as you're using the ALiVE AI distrubutor. If you're running Werthles's HC scripts it will break.

    If you get a server log up on pastebin and link it here, we could have a quick glance if anything looks out of order ....


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