What to do with arrested civs?

  1. last year

    Hello! I have had some pretty good success in my counterinsurgency mission, and am happy to report that I have refined the combat to be just how I want it - just one problem though.

    I have run about three test missions with other players, and from the beginning, I've been scratching my head wondering what we should do with the civs that we arrest. In our first couple of patrols, we've come across multiple civs worthy of arrest. Unfortunately, we have no idea what to do with them once we bring them back to base.

    Does anyone know of a system for this or have any suggestions?

  2. http://alivemod.com/forum/1637-what-s-the-correct-way-to-deal-with-naughty-civilians/last

    There's a few ideas there

  3. Thanks!


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