Aircraft attacking areas outside their designated airspace

  1. 8 months ago

    Started the testing phase for my units new mission last night, a conventional war across the island of Napf. I've created an "all in one" RHS russian force to give us one faction to fight complete with air assets and armour. So far so good everything spawns well and the MACC is using the Russian air assets nicely.

    However I noticed both helicopters and aircraft attacking the friendly airbase which I deliberately left outside the MACC's TAOR because I don't really want the base destroyed, plus it's no fun for people to log in, spawn and be on the end of a helicopter rocket attack :P

    I'm assuming they're leaving their TAOR because I still have the SEAD ATO listed? So they're detecting the SAM's at the friendly base and leaving their TAOR to engage? If I remove that from the tasking will that make them less likely to attack the base?

  2. Tagging @Tupolov so that he actually sees this. :)

  3. Tried removing the SEAD ATO and some of the choppers and aircraft still make a beeline for the BLUFOR airbase.


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