Reliable Fire Support?

  1. 8 months ago

    Hello once again,

    After some additional testing, I have once again run into issues with the fire support systems in my mission.

    For a bit of context, I'm using the Altis Armed Forces (2017) Mod. The insurgent faction is Blufor, The player's faction is Indfor, and the allied faction is Opfor. This presents a challenge because I can't use any of the Blufor vehicles for fire support without crewing them by Indfor (meaning I can't use the ALiVE fire support system).

    I have tried different methods for multiple fire support options, nothing has been reliable. Here's a quick list to avoid suggesting things I have tried.

    Helicopter CAS [attempted AH-6, Mi-28, Mi-24, KA-60] - AliVE System resulted in extremely inaccurate fire support, Vanilla fire support system either gets the helis shot down so quickly they're useless, or they keep engaging everything they see resulting in the helicopter never leaving the AO.

    Fixed Wing CAS [attempted JAS 39, L-139] - ALiVE System was too inacurate and 90% time the aircraft crashed on landing, Vanilla fire support system immediately had the jet take off and engage everything it saw.

    Artillery [attempted, D-30, M109A6] ALiVE System was incompatable with D-30 and I cannot use the M109A6 via ALiVE because it's a US Blufor unit, Vanilla fire support was off by a couple km using the D-30 and seems to work 50% of the time when using the M109A6.

    So any suggestions are welcomed, I would prefer not to have player operated CAS units. If you have a question I will clarify as soon as I am avaliable. Thanks.

  2. Have you messed around with ORBAT? If you edit the units in the unit editor for the player’s faction, you can add any vehicle/artillery that you please from any faction, regardless of side. All you need to do then is put a unit from the faction inside the vehicle/artillery (should be an option in the top right when you have the vehicle or artillery selected. Then I believe all you do is export it as you would a normal custom faction (or possibly just export the units). If you’ve never used ORBAT, there’s some great tutorials on YouTube which explain how to use it.

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    @Guitar18 Have you messed around with ORBAT?

    No I haven't used it yet, but I'll give it a shot I guess. I don't think it will fix any of my problems - because the ALiVE fire support is so painfully inaccurate.

  4. Fairly certain ALiVE doesn’t touch this behavior whatsoever. It’s not an AI mod. You’d very likely get the exact same results if you just placed these CS assets in the editor and set them to waypoints without using ALiVE at all.

    If you can confirm otherwise please report back.

  5. @HeroesandvillainsOS Fairly certain ALiVE doesn’t touch this behavior whatsoever. It’s not an AI mod.

    I agree, and I've seen elsewhere that ALiVE is not an AI mod. Regarding the Helicopter assets, it's possible that it's my imagination, but the ALiVE assets appear to be far less accurate. Regarding the fixed wing assets, ALiVE seeems to function better overall, but seems to have extreme difficulty locating the target. If you'd like I can provide video evidence, but it'll take me some time.

  6. Videos are always good! Yes please.

    For fixed wing, or even rotary honestly, maybe try pulling out your designator and lazing some targets worst case. Can’t hurt!

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    I actually think missing targets is fairly realistic. If it's conventional munitions like bombs or rockets, about half he time they should be off target by a wide margin. Most military stuff I have read has said that helicopter doctrine has changed alot in the past decades and in a conventional war, helicopter assaults could expect heavy losses. The modern battlefield is dangerous for helicopters fighting conventional armies. Helicopters are slow SAM magnets.

    I've had mixed success with fixed-wing CAS. In my Vietnam ALiVE mission the Skyraider's fly OK from a distant base but you get close enough to them and they can get stuck on objects taxing around (are they being virtualized at a distance? I don't know).

    Mostly I think infantry is still queen of the battlefield and this is something Arma gets right. A few guys with good AT and AA weapons should be able to take on support.

    Laser guided ordinance is definitely the way to go if you want precision. It does involve spotting from a distance, though.

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    A quick update, I've been very busy with finals (and very lazy) so I've been unable to sit down and record all the support methods that I have issues with, but I will get them up at some point.

    @FireDragon76 I actually think missing targets is fairly realistic.

    I would agree with that, but my main issue with the ALiVE module is that the aircraft can't even locate the targets, they just leave the AO. Furthermore, some of the artillery support options are off by whole kilometers. If support was only off by a couple hundred meters, I'd be pleased.

    @FireDragon76 Mostly I think infantry is still queen of the battlefield and this is something Arma gets right. A few guys with good AT and AA weapons should be able to take on support.

    Yeah, thats very true. The players first option should always be AT and their own weapons, but I like having CAS just incase the players start to get overrun. I emphasize this by making supports have long cooldown timers for the players.

    Overall I agree with you, and appreciate your comment, but I'm still gonna look for a more accurate alternative.


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