Downside of the MACC

  1. 7 months ago
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    I <3 MACC, I think it's amazing and add's so much coolness to a mission, however there is one side effect of it that's driving me crazy and it's not an ALiVE thing as such.

    My map is littered with solo pilots and ejection seats :(

    Even worse I assume those ejection seats are treated as vehicles because VCOM likes to have units board nearby vehicles, so occasionally we'll be in the forest somewhere and come across a Russian Spetsnaz recon soldier just sitting the ejection seat he just commandeered :P

    Is there an easy way to clean them all up? Heck I'd be happy if the pilots all died on ejection too, each one just adds another group to the mission.

    Anyone have any (good) ideas on how to deal with this? It can't be great for performance

    Oh and also I can't for the life of me keep my aircraft inside their ATO, they keep flying over the friendly airbase and getting shot down despite the base being well outside their ATO

  2. Hi JD,

    I read somewhere on the forum (sorry can't find it again) that the ATO is used for CAP misions. Strike missions can be anywhere on the map.

    Haven't seen ejection seats but the roving pilots are deadly shots!

  3. The AI in Arma 3, with or without VCom, just isn't very good for vehicles and I suspect that may be part of the issue.

    VCom randomly gets into vehicles, it's just what it does. Disabling entering vehicles might be an option, particularly if they are not an insurgency, I doubt you will miss it.

    I'm noticing in my insurgency scenario its too easy to ambush patrolling AAF vehicles (armed only with an MK20 and low power optic). To correct that I had to change the scenario design to have more foot patrols, but it's not an ideal solution. The AI doesn't understand how to drive fast and keep moving. I think the AI situation in Arma does better with "static" insurgencies, and not with occupation forces.

  4. This may also be related to another question I have... how does ACE's Cookoff option interact with ALiVE? Cookoff is something I use, and it prevents vehicles from just blowing up like they are mare out of explodium (which looks terribly cheesy, even Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising got that right), but it also can leave alot of incapacitated vehicles lying around that the regular garbage collectors will not touch.


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