How to force spawn civilians? (SOLVED)

  1. 7 months ago

    In my missions, it seems that only some civilians spawn in around me, while a lot of them are left virtualized. Like I walk into a relativity small town, maybe 5-10 civilians living in it, and only 4 spawn in. I've changed the max civilians to 35 and the radius to 1000m already, but it never seems like there are that many spawned in. Is there a way to force civilians to spawn within a 500m radius?

  2. The radius is just the meters away from the player they are allowed to spawn. Using a smaller number would make it worse but honestly not really impact it much regardless.

    Civs spawn based on how the map index defines enterable civ buildings. Your best bet would be to increase the max civ amount a bit and drop the filtering in the civ module to something small like no filtering at all or only exclude the tiniest ones.

    What’s the map?

  3. Kunduz. I have filtering to none and civs set to high. Theres quite a few profiles, its just they aren't spawning in when I'm near them.

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    Ah that’s the problem. Kunduz needs a new index but really isn’t worth the trouble because the map is in a terrible state a needs an update by the author. I’d suggest using another map.

  5. Unless there's something I'm not seeing, the index for Kunduz seems pretty good. I'm running a campaign on it now and everything works fine minus 1 or 2 deadzones and the civlians not spawning in, but the civilians thing happens on every map I've tried. The AI pathing is good compared to sangin and FATA. And with the door fix, the it seems to play really well as a green zone style map. Just wondering whats wrong with the current state of the map.

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    IMO it’s anything but in good shape. Aside from the broken doors, there’s issues with extremely sharp FPS drops while ADS’in/scoping,, and also problems with impenetrable vegetation amongst other things. That and with the lighting update it doesn’t look good anymore and feels like playing on a map made of green minty toothpaste. :)

    I checked myself after the map author updated it eons ago and can attest the index is indeed broken. By all means feel free to use the built in indexing tools though and give it a go if you have some time and want to play some ops on it, I just personally can’t justify the time sink when a map is this unenjoyable and broken to play on. CUP was apparently pegged to take this map over and adopt it which I was looking forward to (Kunduz is one of my favorite maps) but that must be dead in the water at this point if I had to guess because that announcement was forever ago now.


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