Logistics Air assets & Unsung Helis

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    Howdy everyone,
    Been working for several weeks on a Vietnam War mission using Alive and the Unsung mod aswell as the Prei Khmaoch Luong map. I got pretty much everything set up and working correctly. I created both a custom VC/NVA faction and a US faction using the ORBAT creator, and both factions spawn and work correctly on the map and everything.

    Now the only issue I have left, is getting the Unsung Helis to work correctly as the logistics air vehicles/transport for my US orbat faction. The military logistics module and the player combat logistics module seems to be working fine using the default settings with the Arma 3 vanilla vehicles. However, if I try to set it to use Unsung helis as logistics air vehicles, well it doesn't work properly; meaning that I can call in reinforcement and my request will be acknowledged, I'll get a radio message saying the aircraft has been loaded, then that it is on it's way, and then pretty much everytime after that I always get a message saying the "support aircraft is unresponsive" and then that it has been destroyed en route. I only managed once, to have a Unsung chinook bring in the reinforcement I called, but I have no idea why it worked this time, as I've never managed to get it to work like that again. Except for this one time when it seemed to have worked properly, I always end up having the support aircraft unresponsive/destroyed.

    The Unsung US orbat faction that I made has 3 helis in its "air units" (2 type of Hueys and a chinook). I've also set up a player combat support module, and 3 combat support transport submodules, using those 3 type of helis, and they work perfectly fine. So I'm not sure at all as to why it doesn't work properly with the military logistics and player resupply modules. I've read quite a few threads about people trying to use mod vehicles and such with the Alive military logistics, and tried a few different solutions to get it to work correctly, but still end up having the support aircraft destroyed thing.

    If I restrict the Air Transport Assets to faction only in the Mil Logistics modules, I get the same problem of the aircraft being destroyed en route.
    I've tried overriding the military logistics vehicles as explained in this page of the alive wiki:
    link text

    I also tried using the code posted by tupolov in the following thread:
    link text
    but still end up with the same problem.

    I guess that either I'm doing something wrong, or maybe it's due to the map itself I thought, being a dense jungle map the helis don't spawn high enough and just get destroyed by trees or something, but when setting it to use the vanilla arma aircrafts, they work fine and get to their destination without problem, so I doubt it's due to the map itself.
    If someone could help me get this to work correctly I would really appreciate it, as I'm out of idea as to how getting it to work. I can send my mission files and/or Arma RPT and such if need be.

    thanks for reading this.

    EDIT: did some more extensive testing, and managed to get it to work, more or less.
    Using the "staticData.sqf" technique and calling it in the init.sqf with this code:

    if(isServer) then {
     	waitUntil {!isNil "ALiVE_STATIC_DATA_LOADED"};
    	call compile (preprocessFileLineNumbers "staticData.sqf");

    I managed to get the logistics module to use the Unsung helis for transport. However, there's still a bit of a problem with the Hueys; the infantry groups that I made with orbat are small enough so that all units of a group can fit in one Huey, but whenever I call in a group for reinforcement, there's always 3 or 4 units of the group that don't get put in cargo, and end up walking to the insertion point while the rest enjoy an heli ride. This is probably due to the unsung hueys and not a problem with Alive I'd say. Thought it'd be worth mentioning it though, in case anyone run into this problem. The logistics transports works fine with the Unsung Chinook.

    One more thing though: The problem with the support aircraft being unresponsive and getting destroyed en route seems to always occur whenever I call in one of the SpecOps group for reinforcement. Basic infantry groups work without problems, but the SpecOps will always end up with the "aircraft destroyed" thing. Now I had not payed attention to that detail before, but in the Military Logistics module you can allow or restrict each type of groups, except for SpecOps groups. My question is, are special forces group included in the "Allow Infantry" parameter of the module? Or are they not included and then would that be the reason why I cannot get to have specops groups as reinforcement?


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