Any way to make transport fly higher?

  1. 7 months ago

    When transporting using the combat support module there is an option for high, medium, and low altitude. Is there any way to make them fly even higher? The module works great for landing and fast-roping but I was hoping to be able to do a HALO insertion.

  2. Good question, even in High mode they're easy prey for AA missiles fired by AI, I've noticed.

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    Yeah. It seems like it would be as simple as changing a variable in the combat support transport module .sqf but its all coded of course, so we would have to get a line of code to put in the init line of the vehicle in the editor that would overwrite the variable in the code. Which would have to be made by someone who has access to the decoded version of the scripts.

    I'm not very experienced with scripting but that is just my guess as to how it would be achieved.

    So I found where the code probably needs to be changed but I'm not 100% sure.

    It may be in sup_combatsupport\scripts\NEO_radio\functions\misc\fn_setFlyInHeight.sqf

    Since it's all coded I can't really tell if its as simple as changing a number in that .sqf or not. If an ALIVE admin just saw this they could probably answer this in 5 seconds ):

    Edit: Sorry, when I say it's coded I meant binarized, I was just blanking on the terminology


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