Remove Combat Resupply from C2ISTAR?

  1. last week
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    Hey guys!

    I want to provide the following setup or better said constraints for the types of Alive support controls.

    To use Resupply and Combat Support you have to own a SEM 70 radio
    To use C2ISTAR functions you have to own the Alive Tablet

    Constrain setup (in the editor modules):

    Combat Support: ACRE_SEM70
    Resupply: ACRE_SEM70
    C2ISTAR: alive_tablet

    When the player only owns a SEM 70 he has access to Resupply and Combat Support. Exactly what I wanted.
    When the player only owns the Alive Tablet he has access to C2ISTAR functions BUT also to Resupply.

    Is there a way to kind of remove Resupply from C2ISTAR?

    I hope I was clear enough on that issue!


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