Civs Hostile to Assym Commander

  1. 7 months ago


    I want to do a scenario where the Civilian population is friendly to the occupiring commander, and have a high hostility against the Assymetric Commander, would this be possible or will it break the scenario..?

    And does the assymetric commander always have to be rebels etc. or could it be the Russian Armed Forces...?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Edited 7 months ago by HeroesandvillainsOS

    You can make the civs more or less hostile to any side you’d like. It’s adjustable in the civ population module. And yes you can make the Asymmetric Commander any faction you want.

  3. Thanks.

    Follow up question, which map is best indexed for Assymetric Warfare/Insurgency… Is the list in the wiki up to date or is there another way to find out which map is working flawless with Alive...

    Or should i just stay with the BI Maps..?

  4. It’s prondbly not 100% up to date. The “best” really is going to depend on what you want. For me, Takistan is probably the best because almost all the buildings are enterable and since it’s made by BI and desert themed, it fits Insurgency mode well too.


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