Military Placement (Custom Objectives) Spawn Composition className

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    Where do I get the classNames for Compositions? The log states that it is creating an HQ like this: bin\config.bin/CfgGroups/Empty/Military/FieldHQMedium/FieldHQ_IND_F,[3697.46,5968.02],221.55,"CUP_B_CDF"

    Where do I get FieldHQ_IND_F due to the fact that config.bin is binary? I can't see it in Eden.

    Also, wasn't this field a drop-down at some point? Thanks!


  2. Well, I should RTFM. You can call (the now sorta hidden) Splendid configViewer with

    call BIS_fnc_configViewer;

    in debug console. Now I just have to find the Zec and Zeccup classNames.

  3. ANNND... in configViewer, ObjectCompositions is empty.

  4. So I'm calling ZEC classNames as per their GitHub and I'm getting:

    12:34:03 ALIVE CMP - Placement
    12:34:03 [TIMER STARTED]
    12:34:03 ALIVE CMP: Custom composition 'WalledHQ' not found!
    12:34:03 ALIVE CMP [50] - Size: 50 Priority: 100
    12:34:03 ALIVE CMP [1] - SideNum: 1 Side: WEST Faction: CUP_B_CDF Composition: WalledHQ
    12:34:03 ALIVE CMP [CUP_B_CDF] - Force creation 
    12:34:03 ALIVE CMP Count Armor: 0
    12:34:03 ALIVE CMP Count Mech: 0
    12:34:03 ALIVE CMP Count Motor: 0
    12:34:03 ALIVE CMP Count Infantry: 10
    12:34:03 ALIVE CMP Count Spec Ops: 5
    12:34:03 ALIVE CMP [[]] - Groups 
    12:34:03 ALIVE CMP - Total profiles created: 0
    12:34:03 ALIVE CMP - Placement completed
    12:34:03 [TIMER ENDED : 0.00683594]
    12:34:03 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    12:34:03 ALIVE CMP - Warning no HQ locations found, spawning composition
    12:34:03 Spawning Composition: [bin\config.bin/CfgGroups/Empty/Military/FieldHQLarge/FieldHQ_IND_F,[2526.61,5067.94,0],94.331,"CUP_B_CDF"]
    12:34:03 ALiVE [m_20|180] Module ALiVE_mil_OPCOM INIT
    12:34:03 ALiVE OPCOM Waiting for Virtual AI System...

    Any thoughts or help appreciated.

  5. Lessons learned after banging my head against the wall all day.

    1. When placing an HQ, you can only use very specific military HQ buildings, like "Headquarters_BLU_F". A full list of allowable HQ buildings would be helpful here. Otherwise it errors with a "Warning no HQ" and won't spawn shit.
    2. If you don't include motorized, mechanized or armoured groups, it won't spawn any infantry groups or special operations groups.
    3. Vehicles spawn in retarded locations like on top of empty building assets and explode.
    4. Splendid config Viewer is now Alt-G [not Ctrl-G]
    5. ZEC classNames are in CfgGroups and are not labelled "ZEC". You can get them from the game log or the ZEC GitHub at
  6. *bump*

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    I've been looking for that info. Does this work for Military Objectives module as well (I guess I will try it and find out)? From my understanding of Alive, troops can not spawn if there is no Military objective set as HQ. I can't seem to find the proper military object for ALive to use as a base, where one doesn't exist.

    I'm using a map with only two military bases, both blufor (Unsung map Da Krong). The only way for Opfor (NVA) to spawn is if they take one of the bases, which happened a few times, the NVA breached the base perimeter and started spawning on my base like crazy...was kinda neat that it worked. Nasty firefight ensued.

    Good day!

  8. Does this work for Military Objectives module as well (I guess I will try it and find out)?

    I believe so.

    I'm using a map with only two military bases, both blufor

    I have the same problem on CUP Chernarus. There aren't enough military installations for the 3 factions that I have and I've been trying to use Custom Objectives and that's when I discovered the issue. I've been trying both "miltary" and HQ compositions in series, trying to figure out which ones will spawn consistently and qualify as an HQ in this case. Any luck on your side?

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    I have been unable,thus far, to find any military object Alive recognizes as a military object for OpFor AI to setup HQ. I THINK I"ve gone thru the entire static object library!

    The one object class you posted a few posts prior to mine, I can't locate that classname in the editor. Where do I locate that HQ object?

  10. Alt-G to bring up the Splendid Config Viewer in the editor. The entries are in CfgGroups, e.g.


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