Saving Lan hosted mission

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    So, I might have got this wrong but I was under the impression that it was possible to save the mission even if it's just hosted from my pc without having created a local dedicated server (meaning simply hosted by clicking on host in the multiplayer Arma screen).
    I have my mission ready to go, and I think I've set up correctly all the modules needed for Alive persistence, yet whenever I want to save the mission and quit, well clicking on "server save and exit" doesn't do anything, no messages, even with the debug on on the Alive Data module doesn't show any sort of message. "Player exit" though seems to work correctly.
    My question is, is it possible to save a mission that is being simply hosted on my PC (using Alive data locally) or do I absolutely have to set up a local dedicated server if I want to be able to save the progress of the mission?
    From what I read on this forum, it seems to me that in the past it was necessary to create a local dedicated server to be able to save a mission, but more recent thread (such as the one linked below) have led me to think it was now possible to save without having a local dedicated server.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention that I'm using the steam workshop version of Alive, if that is of any importance

  2. There is a bug in the current ALiVE release where local hosted saving is broken. It’s fixed in the next release. For a workaround to save for now, read my replies here:

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    Oh okay, thanks for the info and sorry for the useless thread, I should have searched more thoroughly.


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