Persistence and Combat Support

  1. 7 months ago

    I have two questions about the Combat Support Module. Sometimes when I load a fresh mission, some of my arty pieces are not showing up in the combat support menu. This happens randomly. Sometime all the arty will be available, sometimes none, Other times one or two will be excluded from the menu. Ive tried placing the arty through a module and by hand placing the unit. Still I get random availability. This also happens with helos occasionally. This brings me to my next question. I am running a persistent mission and sometimes when the mission is reloaded helos that were there upon saving are no longer there upon reload. As in the helo has completely dissappeared. It's due to something in the persistence because when it is non persistentf the helos always spawn even though sometimes they dont show up on the support menu. Is there a way to exclude a particular vehicle or unit from persistence. Like hand or module placed combat support assets?

  2. Anyone?

  3. Only time I've had supports disappear has been if they're waiting on respawn when the server saves.


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